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 Dive into the world of Tower Kingdom and experience the term "Tower Defence" as you have never done before


Conquer the world as the strongest tower builder and compete with other players to rival them with your acquired skills and knowledge.  Choose from one of four factions and make your way up, to become the Master Tower Builder you are!  Progressing through levels will see you acquire experience and equipment to level and strengthen your character.

Dive into the world of Tower Kingdom and experience the term "Tower Defence" as you have never done before, with several features completely unique to the Tower Defence genre.  These features includes crafting, power utilisation, equipment and structured support towers that will give you a new and refreshed feeling.  A fully controlled player market, allows you to buy and sell unwanted equipment to purchase that Legendary item you have always wanted.  Each map has bosses, who drops chests, depending on the difficulty level you chose.  The higher the difficulty level, the better the rewards in the chests.

As you play and progress through the various levels you will level up and become stronger, allowing you to use higher level equipment to strengthen your character.  Compete with other players in survival mode to earn weekly and monthly rewards as well as chest drops from your enemies.



  • Over 90 characters to choose from
  • Characters can level up to level 100 over time
  • Multiple maps, each with over 100 levels
  • Characters can de-level temporarily to compete on lower level maps
  • Fully animated towers with sound and special effects
  • Unique equipment for each level
  • Online chat for players
  • Online leader boards for each individual map and level
  • Crafting allows players to deconstruct and/or improve items
  • Player market where players can buy and sell equipment
  • Loot pets that will pick up all your loot/chests
  • Attack and support towers
  • Dome and dome support towers
  • Unique power utilisation system



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PC - Windows



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The Team

Willy Siwela
CEO, Founder

Paul Pisecny
Project Coordinator, Founder

Pieter Marais
Financial Manager, Founder

Charles Marais
3D Graphics Artist, World Builder, Founder

Otto Marais
Game Director, Lead Developer, Founder

Lawrence Marais
World Builder

Nadegda Mihailova

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