Beta Version

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  • Beta Version

    Beta Version

    Tower Kingdom Beta Version has been released

    If you still have the old version (Pre Version
    download the new TK_Launcher and extract it into your TK folder.
    Tower Kingdom Launcher

    For new people please download the full version with launcher and
    extract it to a folder on your PC. The folder can be named anything you
    like, as long as files are extracted to the same folder, all should be
    fine. When running the program please use the TK_Launcher.exe as it
    will always update Tower Kingdom to the newest version in the future as
    new patches become available.
    Tower Kingdom (Full Download)

    If you are an existing user and your launcher gives a problem, please download the full version above.

    This release will bring the following:

    New Features:
    Time compression on maps of 1x, 2x, and 3x speeds. On Expert and survival the time compression is only 2x speed maximum.
    Chests can now be opened in the lobby.
    Players will now receive an end reward after completing a map or survival - in survival to receive a reward you need to kill more than 299 creatures

    Some Teaks
    HP of creatures will now display over the effects and thus be clearly read-able when playing
    The characters XP bar is now also available in the lobby
    Close buttons have been added to various windows in-game. Examples are the Pet-Cam Windows, The Inventory and Character Equip windows in-game.
    Music doesn't cut-off between scenes
    Battle scene music plays when boss spawns

    Bug Fix
    Map 2 (The Mirror) has been fixed. There were some issues with it, but that is now sorted out.
    Some spelling errors that people notified us about were fixed.
    Various small bugs.
  • Thank you for the hard work. The fixes and improvements to Tower Kingdom is always exiting and I believe that every update or fix will slowly but surely mould into something that everyone can appreciate, enjoy and play. For me to see the game grow from a single line of code all the way to a complete library of code is truly amazing, to think that it is still only the start and to know it is not the end is really something else. :thumbsup:
    "Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them." Bruce Lee :thumbsup: