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      Tower Kingdom Manual

      The Maps

      Before you can start the game you have select a map would u like to play. On each map, the Spawn Portal, Creatures Path as well as End Portal will be displayed. This will help you in your planning on where to build durin game-play. You must prevent creatures from reaching the End Portal/s at all cost. When 10 creature have reached the End Portal/s the game you are currently playing will be over.

      Tower Kingdom - Poradnik


      Zanim zaczniesz grę powinieneś wybrać mapę, w którą chciałbyś zagrać. Na każdej mapie pojawią się Portal Przywołujący, Droga Potworów oraz Portal Końcowy. To CI pomoże w planowaniu budowy wież podczas rozgrywki. Celem gry jest powstrzymanie stworzeń przed osiągnięciem Końcowego Portalu. Gdy 10 istot dotrze do Portalu gra dobiegnie końca.

      Just a short sample.

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    • Hi Dextroyer...no problem and it makes a lot of sense to put the text here for you. I might dedicate a post to each area to keep it more simple. I was also thinking of doing the slides text into polish and not only the text above it...as well as the interface (buttons, fields etc)

      I numbered the slide fields to make it easier that I know which parts go where and the bold in the text to know which text to colour etc. Have a look at the slide below and let me know if that is formatted ok to make it easier for you...and thank you very much for helping out :)
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      The Maps

      Main Text
      Before you can start a game you have to select a map you would like to play. On each map the Spawn Portal, Creatures Path as well as End Portal will be displayed. This will help you in your planning on where to build during game-play. You must prevent creatures from reaching the End Portal/s at all cost. When 10 creatures have reached the End Portal/s the game you are currently playing will be over.

      It is important to note that a path can split. If you look at Example 1 below you will notice the right after spawning the creatures can either go left or right (as indicated by the arrows). This means that the creatures will alternate between the different paths. You will also notice that the paths can then merge again at a later stage.

      Map Text

      1) Spawn Portal
      2) Creatures will appear at the spawn portal and then follow their assigned path towards the End Portal.

      3) NOTE: Spawn Portals are marked as blue on the maps
      4) End Portal
      5) You must prevent creatures reaching the End Portal.For each creature reaching the end portal you will lose 1 life.When you have lost 10 life's the current game you are playing will end.
      6) NOTE: End Portals are marked as red on the maps
      7) Creature Path
      8 ) This is the path the creatures will follow.
      9) NOTE: Map Example 2 have 2 Spawn Portals and 2 End Portals

      10) Map Example 1
      11) Map Example 2
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      The Tower Toolbar

      Main Text
      The tower toolbar will always be visible at the bottom of your screen when you are busy playing a game. From here you can build a new tower by left clicking on it and then moving your mouse to where you would like to place the tower and left clicking on that spot.

      You may also press F1 to F7 keys on your keyboard to select the tower you would like to place. By using F8 or the Up and Down arrow keys you can scroll through the available tower toolbars (Green Area in the Image). Left clicking on the Grid button will toggle the tower grid in-game. Left clicking on the spawn button will start the next spawn if you are not laying a survival mode game.

      Map Text
      1) Mouse Action is in Blue
      2) Keyboard Shortcut is in Orange
      3) XP Progress Bar
      4) Switches Tower Placement to the Previous Toolbar
      5) Left Click or F8 Key
      6) Left Click or Spacebar
      7) Start Next Spawn
      8 ) Tower Placement
      9) Left Click Icon or F1 – F7 Key

      10) Indicate Selected Toolbar
      11) Switches Tower Placement to the Previous Toolbar

      12) Left Click or F8 Key
      13) Toggle Tower Placement Grid On/Off
      14) Left Click or G Key
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      Attack Towers

      Main Text

      The Attack Towers are sub-categorized into 3 groups namely Long, Medium and Short Range. In each of these groups you will find towers with different firing rates. The tower's theoretical DPS (Damage per second) within a sub-category group are roughly the same.This means that the Gatling's damage output roughly equals the Cannon's damage output and both tower's range will be the same., as both are in the long range group.

      In theory building a Gatling should have the same effect as building a Cannon. Both have the same DPS, the same Range and only the Fire Rate is different. However in practice the fire rate can make a huge difference. Keep in mind that all attack towers use power to fire and thus always keep an eye on your power regeneration vs power drain. If you run out of power your towers will do no damage.

      Map Text

      The blue area in images below shows the fully upgraded tower range.

      1) Long Range Towers
      2) Low damage per second
      3) Build Cost
      4) 25 Wood & 25 Stone
      5) Upgrade Cost
      6) 10 Gold (Level 2), 20 Gold (Level 3)
      7) 30 Gold (Level 4), 40 Gold (Level 5)
      8) Gatling
      9) Fast Fire Rate
      10) Cannon
      11) Slow Fire Rate
      12) Medium Range Towers
      13) Medium damage per second
      14) Build Cost
      15) 25 Wood & 25 Stone
      16) Upgrade Cost
      17) 10 Gold (Level 2), 20 Gold (Level 3)
      18) 30 Gold (Level 4), 40 Gold (Level 5)
      19) Laser
      20) Fast Fire Rate
      21) Gauss
      22) Medium Fire Rate
      23) Plasma
      22) Slow Fire Rate
      23) Short Range Towers
      24)Highest damage per second
      25) Build Cost
      26) 25 Wood & 25 Stone
      27) Upgrade Cost
      28) 10 Gold (Level 2), 20 Gold (Level 3)
      29) 30 Gold (Level 4), 40 Gold (Level 5)
      30) Fire
      31) Medium Fire Rate
      32) Tesla
      33) Fast Fire Rate

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      Support Towers

      Main Text

      Support Towers are used to support your damage towers and you need to plan them ahead of time while playing. There are 2 types of support towers at the moment, namely the Slowdown and Power Towers. These towers can be placed by switching your selected toolbar to toolbar 2.

      The slowdown tower's sole purpose is to slow the creatures down within its range. When placing the tower you will notice that a blue dome forms above the slowdown tower. That means that any creature which enters the slowdown tower's dome area will be slowed down for the duration the creatures spend within the dome.

      All attack towers use power from your power pool. Please read through "The Power System".

      Map Text

      Support towers can be built anywhere on the grid

      Slowdown Tower
      Slows all creatures within the tower range
      The slowdown effect does not stack
      Build Cost
      25 Wood & 25 Stone
      Upgrade Cost
      10 Gold (Level 2), 20 Gold (Level 3)
      30 Gold (Level 4), 40 Gold (Level 5)
      Power Tower
      Adds additional power to the power grid
      The power added stacks
      Power towers are the one tower that players have to build during a game. If there is not enough power on the power grid attack towers will drain the power in the power grid.
      Build Cost
      40 Gold
      Upgrade Cost
      70 Gold (Level 2), 100 Gold (Level 3)
      130 Gold (Level 4), 160 Gold (Level 5)

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      The Dome

      Main Text

      Learning to position and master your dome will often be the deciding factor between defeat or success. The main Dome cannot be upgraded BUT every support tower has 5 stages of upgrade and when fully upgraded you will have an extremely powerful dome. Every attack tower that is built inside the dome will be boosted by the dome support towers. If all the dome support towers are built, your dome will slow the creatures down, apply damage over time, increase the range , damage and fire rate of every attack tower inside the dome area.

      It is important to note that in order to build your dome you must first build the main Dome Tower Make sure you have 5 tower placement slots open around the Main Dome. The reason for that is that the Dome Support towers MUST border your Main Dome.

      Map Text

      Building The Dome
      Main Dome
      Has to be built first
      Dome Support Towers
      Have to be built next to the Main Dome
      Not allowed to build away from the Main Dome
      Dome Basics
      Towers Effects
      Built inside the dome gets boosted by the dome
      Tower outside dome
      No boost-weaker
      Tower inside dome
      Support Towers
      Damage Over Time
      Damage Boost
      Range boost
      Fire Rate boost
      Build cost (Each)
      25 Gold
      Upgrade cost (Each)
      50 Gold (Level 2)
      75 Gold (Level 3)
      100 Gold (Level 4)
      125 Gold (Level 5)
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      The Power System

      Main Text
      The power system forms an integral part of Tower Kingdom and is used to power a players towers. The more powerful an attack tower gets during game play, the more power it will use. To increase your power pool, you will need to build some power towers over time, or upgrade an existing power tower by left clicking on an already built tower.

      A window will pop on the left of the screen and display to you the level of the power tower, the power it adds to your power pool as well as how much Gold is needed to upgrade your power tower. Always keep an eye on your power during game play.

      Map Text
      Power Pool Size
      Building/upgrading power towers increases your power pool size
      Recharge rate
      Building/upgrading power towers increases your recharge rate
      Power Drain

      Building attack towers increases your Power Drain. Moving the Power Usage Slider up/down will increase/decrease your Power Drain.

      NOTE: If you are starting to run out of power you should either build more power towers, upgrade your power towers or decrease your power usage %.

      Power Usage %
      Moving the slider up/down will increase/ decrease your power usage %
      NOTE: Towers % damage is affected
      Power Pool
      That is your current power that is available to fire your attack towers
      NOTE: If your power drain exceeds your recharge rate, your power pool will start dropping. Once you run out of power your attack towers will do no damage.
      Maximum Power Pool Size
      Power Recharge Rate
      Power Drain Rate
      Power Status
      Total Power
      Power Drain
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      Game Modes

      Main Text
      When clicking on PLAY in the lobby you can select your map and game mode. If your character doesn't have any good gear it is recommended to start with either Beginner or Easy difficulty levels.After each wave you will get 25 Wood and 25 Stone to build an extra tower. You will also get 100 Gold after each wave to upgrade existing towers.

      If you play survival mode (Map Difficulty), you will get 1 wood, 1 stone and 10 Gold for each you kill. In survival mode you get one continuous spawn and creatures get stronger gradually. The object is to beat other players scores from around the world. Keep in mind that your character de-levels to the level of the map you selected. Only equipment of the map level and lower will be taken into account. In survival mode every 100th creature killed will drop an expert chest to be looted.

      Map Text
      Selecting Map, Game Type and Starting Game

      Map Level
      Select the map level you want to play. Higher level characters can play lower level maps.

      Map difficulty
      Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert are normal game modes. It is usually recommended to start at lower difficulty levels till you have good equipment.
      Survival mode is a different game mode and it is recommended to have some Elite or Legendary gear.

      Total Waves
      Select the number of waves you want to play. For a quick game lower number of waves is better. Keep in mind after every 5 waves a Mini-Boss will spawn that will drop a chest. Your pet will loot the chest.

      Select a different map
      You can select a different map to play. Re-check the map settings after selecting a new map.

      Survival Mode

      Survival Leader Board
      Ranks all players world-wide that have played survival mode for any given map or level. Each map has a separate survival leader board for every level.

      Players will de-level to the selected level of survival.
      Example: If a level 20 character plays a level 2 survival map the character will temporarily de-level to level 2 for that map.

      Only equipment of the level or lower will be taken into account.
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      Bank & Inventory

      Main Text
      Your bank is where you can store your valuable items or items you wish to exchange with your other characters on the same account. Any item in the bank will be available for any of the 3 characters on your account. To place an item in the bank you can click on the item's icon and then drag it into your bank. To use any item from the bank you first need to place it in the inventory.

      Your inventory is your main working area for the chests, equipment and other items. When your pet loots a chest it will place it in the 1st available open inventory slot. Chests can stack up to 100 per slot if the chest type and the level are the same. Crystals can stack up to 500 if the type and level are the same. Equipment cannot stack as the attributes between different equipment pieces usually vary.

      Map Text
      The bank is shared between all your characters on the account.
      The inventory is only available for the character you are playing with.This is also the main area where you are working with items.
      NOTE: You need to drag items from the bank into the inventory, before you can trade, improve or deconstruct it.
      Each tab holds 40 inventory or bank slots. Left click on a tab to change the 40 slots displayed. If you drag an icon over a tab it will switch to that tabs slots, as well as to allow you to drop items into a slot under a different tab.
      40 Slots per tab
      Your current TK points
      Drag over the dustbin to delete an item.
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      Loot Chests

      Main Text
      Loot chests will be dropped while playing a game.In normal mode (Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert) chests will be dropped by the Mini-Boss after every 5th wave. When playing in survival chests will drop after every 100th creature killed.Survival mode chests are of the same quality as expert chests.

      After a chest has been dropped it will automatically be looted by your loot pet.You will see the loot pet running back with your chest towards its home. Once it reaches the home the chest will appear in your inventory. Thus when you have completed a game, and your pet is busy looting, wait for it to return with the chest before exiting to the lobby.

      Map Text
      Inventory icon
      Left click to open inventory while playing a map
      Chest Level\
      Chest Name
      Chests in stack
      Double click on the chest icon to open the chest room.
      Left click chest to open it.

      Beginner Chests
      Gives Common (90%) and Uncommon (10%) equipment
      Easy Chests
      Gives Common (70%) and Uncommon (30%) equipment
      Normal Chests
      Gives Common (40%) Uncommon (40%) and Rare (20%) equipment
      Hard Chests

      Gives Uncommon (40%) Rare (40%) and Elite (20%) equipment

      Expert Chests

      Gives Rare (58%) Elite (40%) and Legendary (2%) equipment
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      Main Text
      Equipment is used by a character to improve their tower's attack damage and to increase their power pool. Sometimes common equipment might not have a secondary stat. All damage and power stats do stack with each other. Different equipment drops on each level according to the map level. In other words if you are playing a level 5 map it will drop level 5 equipment.

      Usually all equipment can be upgraded by the use of crystals, until the maximum of there stat value is reached. Legendary is your strongest equipment and at higher levels you might even find that a fully upgraded level 18 Legendary might be stronger than a piece of level 21 Elite equipment.

      Map Text
      Primary stat: All Damage Types
      Secondary stat: Short Range Damage

      Primary Stat: Additional Power
      Secondary Stat: Base Power

      Shoulder Pads
      Primary Stat: Additional Power
      Secondary Stat: All Damage Types

      Primary Stat: Base Power
      Secondary Stat: Additional Power

      Primary Stat: All Damage Types
      Secondary Stat: Medium Range Damage

      Primary Stat: Medium Range Damage
      Secondary Stat: All Range Damage

      Primary Stat: Short Range Damage
      Secondary Stat: All Damage Types

      Primary Stat: Long Range Damage
      Secondary Stat: All Damage Types

      Primary Stat: All Damage Types
      Secondary Stat: Long Range Damage

      Primary Stat: Additional Power
      Secondary Stat: None
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      Equip Character

      Main Text
      Your character can be equipped either in the lobby before you start the game or while playing game. If you equip your character while playing a game you will be able to see your character stats. Pressing "C" will allow open up your character information window while playing a game. Another way of opening your Character information window is by clicking on your character icon in the top left of your screen.

      If you are playing a survival map and some stats are not what they should be, check your equipment level, as they are not allowed to be higher than the survival map level you are playing. Therefore keep lower level equipment for when you need them to run lower level survival maps etc. In the upcoming multiplayer expansion you will be able to de-level to help your friends or PvP at lower levels and that is another reason to keep lower level equipment.

      Map Text
      Character Name
      Drag icon to the applicable slot
      Character level
      Equipment icon
      The level of the e1quipment is displayed in the top left hand corner
      Icon background colour
      Grey-common, Green-uncommon
      Blue-Rare, Purple-Elite, Gold-Legendary
      Equipment Stats
      When equipping your character while playing a game the stats will change accordingly. In the lobby this feature is not available as stats might change depending on the game mode you selected.
      Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert
      All equipment up to the level of your character are taken into account.
      Survival Mode
      Only equipment up to the level of the survival map which you are playing are taken into account.
    • Button Text

      Main Text

      You can improve your equipment by using crystals. On each attempt the crystal will be consumed. Therefore it might take a few crystals to successfully improve an items stat. You may use crystals equal to the item level or higher. If you drag a stack of crystals into the crystal slot the number of crystals will display in the bottom right corner. You can keep on pressing the "Improve" button until the stack is depleted or the stat has reached its maximum value.

      Crystals can be obtained by deconstructing items. The item will be destroyed and in return you will get crystals. Never deconstruct a Legendary item as they are very valuable and extremely rare.

      Map Text
      Deconstruct Item
      Deconstructing an item will destroy the item and will give you crystals in return. Please make 100% sure you want to destroy the item before destroying it.
      Improve Item Steps
      1) Drag item you want to deconstruct into the top left slot.
      2) See what you will get in return for the item.
      3) Verify that it is the item that you want to deconstruct/destroy.
      4) Press the "Deconstruct" button to proceed.
      The crystals will be inserted into your inventory upon deconstruction.
      Improve Item
      Improving an item will consume crystals of the same level or higher.
      Improve Item Steps
      1) Drag item you want to improve into the top left slot
      2) Drag crystals of the stat you want to improve into the applicable crystal slot.
      Displays current item information.
      Displays maximum value you can improve on a specific stat and your chance to improve the stat.
      Press "Improve" button to improve the item.
      If you are successful the "Current Item Information" window will update.