Beta Version

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  • Beta Version

    Beta Version

    Wednesday, 5:25am+2
    Tower Kingdom Beta Version has been released

    If you still have the old version (Pre Version
    download the new TK_Launcher and extract it into your TK folder.
    Tower Kingdom Launcher

    For new people please download the full version with launcher and
    extract it to a folder on your PC. The folder can be named anything you
    like, as long as files are extracted to the same folder, all should be
    fine. When running the program please use the TK_Launcher.exe as it
    will always update Tower Kingdom to the newest version in the future as
    new patches become available.
    Tower Kingdom (Full Download)

    If you are an existing user and your patcher gives a problem, please download the full version above.

    This is a Minor update. Some items have been mentioned below:
    Bug fix where the chat window froze up
    Chat now moves between windows and keeping the previous text
    Description fixed for the Damage Over Time Dome Support Tower
    Description fixed for the Range Boost Dome Support Tower