Beta Version

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  • Beta Version

    Beta Version (Patch Notes)

    Beta Version is now out. The current Alpha Patcher/Launcher will still update the game to Beta Ver

    Thus the full download is not needed for Current Testers.

    For those that download the first time use the following download link:
    TK Full Download (516Mb)

    To Install the Full Download
    1. Download the above zip file to any location on your pc
    2. Extract the download file into any folder
    3. Create a shortcut to the TK_Launcher.exe file
    4. Make sure that the shortcut's working directory is set to the folder you extracted your files into

    I would highly recommend reading through this thread link below before playing Tower Kingdom for the first time.
    Understanding Tower Kingdom

    For players that would like to learn more about Tower Kingdom, why not watch this video wile downloading Tower Kingdom.
    TK Video
    (Please give it a thumbs up in youtube if you like the video)

    Release Notes

    We have handed 200 TK Points to every Alpha test member to say thanks for all the hard testing.
    We also made all Alpha testing accounts Premier Members and thus that item won't appear on the Cash Shop for Alpha members.
    Virtual Items on the Cash Shop can be bought with Virtual Currency (TK Points)
    For the next couple of days while we test the basic functionality around the Cash Shop we won't be selling Virtual Items until we know the current market functions as intended.
    Players can now Buy and Sell items on the Player Market for Virtual Points.
    Players can also buy additional Virtual Points from the Cash Shop under the Virtual Points tab.

    Our give away for Alpha Members to say thank you for playing Tower Kingdom will extend into the next week where further items will be given to our Alpha testers. It's just another way we are saying thanks from the Tower Kingdom development team to all of our testers

    Additional maps, items etc will be added into the next Beta Release.

    We hope you will enjoy this release with the market