Different Strategies

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    • Different Strategies

      Each person most probably uses different strategies for their playing styles and each map usually requires a different strategy. I thought it would be nice to share some basic ideas here for people that would like to leave some tips for other players. I will start of with some basic tips/strategies I use. Keep in mind that my strategies are not necessarily the best strategy and that it might differ completely from other players due to different playing styles.

      I tend to use different strategies depending on what I am doing. For example...in Survival mode I use a completely different strategy as to when I am playing normal waves (hard/expert etc). When one strategy might be effective on the one mode, it is not necessarily effective on the other. When playing expert, and I know I will struggle due to wanting to get some higher level equipment than I have equipped at that moment, I will place my dome closer to the top/left corner in the straight where the creeps are spawning. This means I can use a lot of high DPS short range towers and I don't mind idle time on the towers as the spawns are only 20 creeps. I also try to minimize the running time for creeps when not playing survival mode. This means I can finish the wave off sooner and thus get more loot drops in a shorter time.

      In survival mode I change my dome position and focus more on eliminating idle time on towers than actual DPS for each cannon. The reason for that is that its a continuous spawn till the death and a tower that has no idle time is more valuable than the higher DPS towers. For the examples I will mention, I will use rounded off numbers. Example...if a Tesla that does around 75 DPS on low level and it is idle for 2 seconds I lose the value of 2 seconds DPS on that tower. Now if a cannon, which does 55 DPS, is active with no idle time due to its range it means that the cannon is effectively doing more DPS over a period of time than the Tesla. This is very valuable to hold the creeps back.

      Now over time in survival mode when the cannon for example reaches a point where it no longer targets over long distances (keep shooting in range of mediums) I will switch that Cannon or Gatling to a medium range tower to maximize the DPS. And eventually if the medium range tower keeps shooting in a shorter range where a short range tower will have no idle time I will replace it with a short range tower. This means as I continue through the Survival mode I monitor my various tower ranges at which they shoot to know when to start replacing them with others to keep my actual DPS as high as possible.

      Tower speeds are also important...for instance if I place say a long range tower and the creeps will only be a very short time in its radius/fire range, in a path on the outside which I want to cover, I will rather use the Gatling knowing it will fire in that time when the creep is running through that area. The cannon which is much slower might not as it might be between its 2 second shooting intervals. The cannon on flip-side is valuable with its high damage shots every 2 seconds...which means that if there are multiple crossing points for creeps and I know it will be able to fire every single time it can be a valuable asset in maximizing DPS as it does a full damage shot every time it shoots.

      The Gatling in turn might do spurts of damage every time it shoots...low damage per shot but at a fast rate...which means if the Gatling only fires every 0 to 0.5 seconds every second it will do half the damage as that of the cannon. Thus its all about getting the maximum out of every tower for where it is placed and that might/will change during the course of a survival run. When it changes I change the towers.

      The dome position is very important. Keep in mind its not just about how many towers can fit into a dome BUT its just as important to ensure the the time creeps spend running through the dome is maximized. This becomes a lot more important towards the end of a survival run when the towers cant keep up with the extreme health of the creeps. That's where the dome out damages any tower you can place on the map due to it doing a constant 2% (at max values) to every creep in the dome area. Thus the higher the spawn health (start health) of of a creep the more damage it does to each creep. Now think of it a minute...if a creep spawns say with 200K health on a low level survival towards the end...the dome will do 4K damage every second to every creep inside the dome...way over any other tower you might have...and that's the time you need that damage the most (when creeps are having uber health).

      This means in survival mode I tend to look for a position for my dome where I can maximize the time a creep will spend inside the dome, combined with tower coverage etc. The dome placement can make a huge difference in one's kill score. Getting the right balance between equipment, towers and when to replace them with other towers, combined with dome management is very important.

      Now to power usage. Keep in mind that the higher the indicated DPS of towers (not actual DPS), the higher the power usage. This is important at the start of any survival when power is an issue and thus placing more optimal longer range or medium range towers will result in a lower power usage...leaving more gold for upgrading towers, dome etc. I can at a later stage do some example screenshots with the strategy used during different points of a survival if people would like to see that. Once again keep in mind that different players will use different strategies and mine is not necessarily the best strategy.
    • ?( This is a lot to take in at first glance, but when you have played a bit and go over this again it all becomes quite clear. 8o Thank you so mush for this guide it helps a lot not only that it's quite clear so I can understand everything mentioned :thumbsup:
      "Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them." Bruce Lee :thumbsup:
    • Hi ExCull, sure I can post some pics and I will try to explain what I am doing and why.

      In this first image one can clearly see the inactive Teslas. 3 Targeting the creep in the dome and the other Teslas standing idle, which is wasted DPS. The creep spawning will be targeted by them but the last 2 in the row will take a fraction longer to get in range and start firing. You will notice the Gatling to the left of the dome is constantly firing thus not wasted DPS even though its a low DPS tower. I will talk more about the Gatling/cannon a bit later.

      I would love to use Teslas here close to the spawning point as I want to maximize my damage early on and there are 2 ways of doing that, either use a slow tower or a different type of tower like a laser, gauss or plasma. I usually opt for the slow tower as it is worth losing one damage tower to get the creeps slowed resulting in all the Teslas being active all the time. Notice the range of the slow tower...running all across the bunch of Teslas. This will cause the creeps a longer time to move across the teslas and allow the Teslas maximum firing chance with as little as possible downtime. However looking at this image I have placed the slow tower and have one disadvantage now...the Teslas are now splitting their fire power between the top and bottom (spawn area and dome). It might seem like a good idea as it switches back and forth between the spawned creep and the one in the dome. This I don't like too much as the creeps will be spawning faster over time and soon they will allow creeps through with higher health causing the other towers to all focus on the creeps in the dome instead of taking damage down right from the start. I will explain in the next post how I tackle that problem.
    • I will start off by getting back to the Gatling and show you the range it has and why it will basically never have any downtime and at the same time help me drive back the creeps in the dome so that the main battery of Teslas at the start wont get interrupted by those creeps inside the dome during the early/mid stages of the survival. If needed it can target almost anywhere on the map.

      I am now adding a cannon to assist the Gatling. The interval between the creeps is too large at this stage to justify Teslas inside the dome toward the incoming path of the creeps...and thus why I opt for Gatlings/Teslas. In this image you can see that the creep that died is slightly further back than in the previous screenshots above. That's my target...to try and push them back slightly so that the main Tesla battery wont target them. You will also notice that at this time I have zero downtime on my towers...thus maximizing DPS...and that's how one can push the creeps back. This is a level 5 survival...however on level 1 using this same technique, I literally can keep the creeps out of the complete dome until over 1000 creeps at least.
    • 114 Creeps later and you can see I have added to the Cannons/Gatlings and added 2 Teslas. The 2 Teslas was added after the spawn rate was fast enough to justify 2 Teslas in that corner. You will notice on the top left (cannon blast) that when a cannon has some idle time (due to no creep in range in dome) it fires outside the dome area reducing some health of incoming creeps. You will also see that even though its 114 creeps later that the creeps have been pushed back slightly not interfering with the top row Teslas pulling fire towards it most of the time. This is ideal as the creeps spawning loses health making it easier to finish them off in the dome. You will notice the one Tesla at the top left is Idle but this doesnt bother me as its only for a fraction of a second.

      This is now 104 creeps later and although they pushed slightly up. I now am strengthening Teslas to the right of the Dome...priority being to keep the Top Tesla group free to fire at the spawning creeps and the longer one holds them back the higher ones creep count will be of course. The problem is when that top bunch of Teslas needs to help out in the dome it wont be too long before they push further and further and you start leaking due to creeps entering the dome with no health loss during their travel to the dome, causing towers to focus too long on creeps and thus them driving forward slowly. Thus I need to try and ensure not just to keep them there but yet again drive them back slowly. The long range are doing their job, thus no need to replace them yet.
    • Due to me having to drive them back I opted for Teslas as they now won't have downtime and thus can maximize my DPS. Of course I could have used fire towers as well as they do roughly the same damage as the Teslas...but the Tesla illustrates better downtime as it fires instantly. The fire tower will start doing dame the second it targets the creeps even though it hasn't fired yet...and then at the end there is a slight delay where the fire si still in the air. It thus makes illustrations of downtime difficult using fire towers. The reason I mix Gatlings with Cannons is because when several cannons are targeting a creep I don't want to waste a high DPS shot finishing off a creep with a lot less heath and thus usually mix my cannons and Gatlings up. However I need to drive the creeps further back to buy myself some more time.

      120 creeps later...the count is now 605 and I managed to push the creeps back even further by adding another cannon, another slow tower on the bottom right corner to allow the Tesla towards the bottom side (which I added) maximum efficiency (zero downtime) and I plan to add a laser to assist me on the bottom corner to bring more health down. Note I could have added to the top stack of Teslas at this time BUT that would have resulted in creeps driving in deeper into the dome splitting fire power and thus creeps getting into the dome with too much health causing the towers to fire longer at a single creep...end result losing the map much sooner.
    • 631 Kills on level 5 and the creeps have barely touched the main dome area. The laser has now been added and that one I keep to the end usually as it covers both the end portal and the outside in-between. It has zero downtime and thus perfect to keep. This laser I accidentally placed one block too close to the right and it should be one block to the left...as later I will use a Tesla on the lasers spot. You can see the slow that I placed that assisted me in driving the creeps further back. From here my strategy will be to add more Tesla/Fire towers, a couple of mediums as I add to the top depending on downtime. I did not finish this Survival as I thought it will hopefully give one a good idea of how I tackle it with my strategy. At the stage where the creeps drive deep into the dome I will start replacing the Cannons and Gatlings one by one with either fire or Tesla towers. However usually I have the dome fully filled with towers before I start replacing the long range towers. Also...the best time to replace a tower to prevent a sudden surge forward while replacing the tower is when building a new tower...that's why I leave one open spot next to the cannon/gatlings in the front row (as front row gets replace first). I will thus build a Tesla there...then destroy the Cannon and build another Tesla immediately. Replacing the other 4 behind when it is time I will build the Tesla opposite it on the top row first and then do the cannon. That will stop surges forward due to the time you take to rebuild it which results in quite a few high number of kills in general.

      Keep in mind that this strategy is adapted for the small map and on the large map its totally different and I end up with more cannons and a very few Tesla/Fire to do that one. I will at some time do a rough guide for it as well if people would like to get an idea how to tackle the large map with survival. Remember its only my strategy...and pointers. Someone else will probably have a better strategy :)